._. *shakes her head*

Here I thought, as a community of artists that Furries wouldn’t rip each other off.  I guess I was wrong.  I’m sure you all remember my previous post about the charming Jess Ivey.  Well the creator of walking nightmare fursuits is at it again.

While having a rich history in tracing and concept theft and earning herself her own Encyclopedia Dramatica page (which Isn’t as easy to get as you might think) it appears that nothing ever will shame her into making her own art come to life by using her own designs or ideas.

I don’t claim to be the only Serval in the Furry Fandom,  but I find it amusing that a person that once commented on my now deleted Furry4Life profile that she really liked my tail design and had never thought of making one that way (apparently sewing it instead of gluing it was a new concept to her)… all of a sudden has produced one. 

The pattern is similar to mine, though the quality of work is far removed from my own.  I personally don’t hotglue seams together, color on the fur with markers or use construction paper for pawpads.  All of my tails/paws/ears etc are hand sewn. If they are multi-colored than each piece is sewn into the design, not glued ontop of it.  Of course she has learned over the years that her art trolling behaviour is watched so she now changes bits of things to make it “her own”.

I realize there is no proof of her comments made on my F4L page as when I left the site I didn’t bother to take screenshots of it. Who would?  Fool that I am, I believed that my artwork and Fursuit items would be respected. 

My tail concept picture was posted on my F4L, my DA and my FA account in August. 


It didn’t take long for her to pop to life with her own version of it.


Yes I realize my fault in this, I should have date stamped everything as it was created and uploaded.  That mistake won’t be made again.  While the pattern on each is not exact, the comments made and the timing involved are just to tweeky to be ignored.  Once again, yes I should have taken screenshots of what was said on F4L but there is little I can do about that now.

Some of you might be thinking “Just shut up and take it as a compliment, she liked your idea and wanted to try it out!”  For those that feel that way, take a peek at her Quality Fursuits and then tell me if you would want your concept even having a glimmer of a link to such.



Fursuit rampage RAWR!

First off, you need to read the actual post found in the link below.  I would post it all here, but it’s far to much negativity and would likely cause my poor blog to burst into flames.  

On a sad note, I wonder if all the Second Life avatar makers that she claims have given her permission to remake their avs into fursuits, realize just what they are stepping into.  Look out Sylver & Flame from Kinzart, and all the others.  Like the robot on Lost in Space, I see flailing arms and hear the words “Danger Danger”


-furry orders fursuit, wants it by certain date.

-fursuit maker has life issues, goes into rush status to get it done on time, ships it.. yay it arrives

-fursuit maker gets beyond angry that the customer did not wear the new suit for the Con. “This is the fault of the commissioner. Now, because of that, something that Esuterure worked so hard on, never got it’s debut. We are very disappointed and actually hurt because of this.”

She then re-posts this onto a furry website obviously looking for kindred souls that will pound their paws to the ground and scream in agreement…sadly all she got was myself and two others.  And we did not agree with her.  We comment, she deletes the entire blog, then  reposts it clean of all comments.  She then begins the lengthy task of copy/pasting her replies onto each of our comment walls.  Mine went as follows:  Beware dear reader, this is not for those that suffer from the apparent horrid afflicition known as…. ” Common Sense”  


At 10:08pm on July 6, 2009, Jess Ivey said…Ok I have gone back and put down everything in full detail in a 100% different perspective than what’s on my fursuit networking site.
I hope that helps clear up any confusion. If there are ANY questions feel free to message me privately to discuss them ^_^

At 10:45pm on July 6, 2009, Fawxyn said…No worries, I don’t really have any questions. I was just rather surprised by the reactions stated and the reasons given for them. I mean, the customer paid in full and the product got to the customer in time, thats a win.

At that point what they do or don’t with it, is all up to them. I know its frustrating to have hardwork go ‘unappreciated’ but that has happened to all of us at some point with something.

I don’t think posting things the way they were written in the original manner, is a very positive way to seek a solution to it, that’s all. Good Luck with your next project

Enter the new rantblog, sadly puked onto my profile comment wall. And not just mine, this was copy/pasted onto anyones that didnt agree with her.

At 12:31am on July 7, 2009, JessIvey said…Whether or not it makes us look bad in your point of view doesn’t exactly matter. Every single other customer that we have had in the past and even present, and new customers have all agreed that it was very rude.

The point was the appreciation factor. I am the manager, owner, and creator of this business. I have to fucking bust my ass every day whether it’s on the computer or not. I don’t have time to waste, and if I get a customer who’s only going to waste my time and buy a fursuit they’re not going to wear, I’m going to get pissed off. Also, if my business partner ends up having to go out of her way to do something and NONE OF US get any kind of appreciation for it, we’re going to give a very negative review.

No one and I repeat NO ONE would have cared if the customer did not make a big fuss about how she needed it SO BAD. If a person needs something that bad, usually they’d go out of their way to wear it because they requested it to be done by that time for the specific purpose.

I do NOT have time to waste and if that’s all I’m going to get out of customers, then I’ll go back to doing personal fursuits ONLY. We do not tolerate people’s bullshit- period.

Whether the bullshit comes from random people who don’t know either of us, or whether it’s a friend, or a customer- there shall be no screwing over anywhere. Directly stated in the TOS is if you give us that much of a headache while we’re actually in the process of making your fursuit, we’ll cancel your commission and we will not even think to refund any of it.

What you do with a fursuit after you buy it is YOUR business, until you start bragging it up to the people that you’re going somewhere and they have to have it to you no later than a specific time so you can take it to a convention.

If we had known that she wasn’t going to even BOTHER with it, we would’ve simply said screw it and shipped it with normal shipping.
Neither of us feel like going out of our way for anyone now because of this. It is just simply not fair for us to have to pay extra out of our pockets to try and get something to a person who all of a sudden acts like they do not care.

It wasn’t started for drama purposes. If you want to continue it in that manner, go for it, I end it here.

If it has offended you in ANY way at all I’m sorry that it has. I guess we just won’t be looking for you in future customers that’s all, nor future friends right? I mean that is if you actually took offense to anything said today.

JessIvey said…Also, I do NOT post any kind of reviews without the consent of my business partner. What matters is the actual people who did the work and run the business. When you actually make these things yourself, know the time, effort, and so forth that’s required to do it, and the stress that goes on top of it, then come tell me “everything is fine”.

We do not need the physical stress and we definitely do not need to lose sleep over trying to complete a commission that the owner doesn’t even seem to care about at all.

At this point all I wanted was a large bottle of ibuprofen, or an even larger bottle of rum.

At 1:18am on July 7, 2009,  Fawxyn said…The only thing that offended me, was you swearing all over my comment section. *sigh* I get that copy/paste is effective when your trying to message more than one person about this. But there was little reason to use that language on my page.

Other than that, you are more than welcome to feel however you want.. you posted the blog to the world in the first place, that alone indicated you wanted it to be noticed and commented on. Sorry if none of our comments we’re what you were looking for, but so be it. Life moves on.  

Oh, and as a matter of clarity, I DO make my own stuff.. so kindly don’t shove that little tidbit at me. Just because there might not be pictures plastered all over my profile, does not mean I lack understanding of the process involved.

At 1:40am on July 7, 2009, Jess Ivey said…Actually the comments were removed due to everyone missunderstanding it.. =3 I’m sorry that it bothered you so deeply.

We would like to share with everyone that there was a problem, yes. That doesn’t mean that we would like you to suck up to us or agree with us, however, we would like it if people stopped to think about it a little and understood where we are coming from and why it was posted.

Of course, I’m asking furries to do the impossible. You have felt offended, insulted, and god only knows what else.

I would never have commented to you about the time and effort, however, if you didn’t make out like these things were absolutely no big deal and require no effort at all, that they can just be whipped up whenever.

The point was that it was rushed to her to be used at anthro con, and it was a waste of our time and money to even bother to rush it. Do you wish to continue to argue the point?

At 2:10am on July 7, 2009, Fawxyn said…First off Im not arguing anything, you quite clearly stated that what I or anyone else thinks doesn’t matter.  To be honest I find that amusing, seeing as we are all potential customers. 

Your not asking Furries to do the impossible, your asking them to do something that you yourself seem unwilling to do.  To look at it from all sides.  Maybe the person was unsatisfied… Maybe they really didn’t have the time and they grabbed the first thing that came from the box.

We all get the work involved. There is nothing quick or easy about building a fursuit. We understand that.  I never once stated that they are “whipped up” as if they were constructed in an hour, or that I felt it was no big deal. 

All any of us are saying, is that the customer has every right to do whatever they want with the item. Yea they wanted it by a certain date, so it was on a rush and it got there!  Ok, they said they were going to wear it to the con, fantastic.  People change their minds.. that’s what makes us human.   If they decided to not wear it for whatever reason, ..that is honestly only their business.  If you feel you deserve a refund, take it up with them.  Broadcasting it to the world, then getting upset because the few that comment on this site seem confused..is no way to go about it. 

I’m done now, I’m tired, and this has taken up too many moments of my life that I will never get back.  Once again, good luck on your next project.

 Now I sit back and wait, because just like a pittbull with a juicy bone, I know she is not going to let go of this.  Where the hell did I put that bottle of rum anyways… *wanders away*

*rubs eyes*

At 2:47am on July 7, 2009 Jess Ivey said…Well since you were so confused, I took the time and effort to clear it up, which obviously was a mistake and still made you pissed off.Point being is we’re not asking for a refund, we’re asking for people not to waste our time.Like I’m asking you not to waste mine commenting back and forth and yes you are actually arguing. I do not have spare time to deal with petty drama caused over misconceptions.’crunched for time’ – if you had the time to open your box, look at your stuff, and grab your tail, then it would have taken maybe an additional 30 seconds to grab the rest. That’s the point we’re proving.’Maybe they weren’t happy with the product.’ YES YES YES- I would LOVE to know that, though. No feedback was given. No ‘I like it’, no ‘I don’t like it’ absolutely nothing. With no feedback, but with great communication with the person, we have nothing left to go off of other than it appears that they simply do not care.We don’t just make the fursuits for money. Getting paid to waste my time is not something I enjoy.

At 2:52am on July 7, 2009, Fawxyn said… *sigh* I said in my last message that I was done with this, I want no part of it.  Kindly keep your ranting off of my comment wall.

Something tells me I’m yet to see the end of this, and that not even the rum will be enough to wipe away the memory of this.  I know, I will watch Robot Chicken…. that will do it!    n.n  *curls up to watch cartoons*

 At this point I notice that she has deleted every comment she has left, except for this last one…how sneaky!!   :3

At 3:21am on July 7, 2009, Jess Ivey said… I hope that you do realize that you came to my profile first and started the whole spree, right? I mean there is such a thing as a PM, which could have so easily been done. Also it’s so easy just to ask me to delete the comments ^_^

I’m amused by this, as she knows full well that she went to each blog commenter’s profile and regurgitated all over us first.  I figure she will now try to toss this back at me, but she is more than welcome to try.  Look out Clippity-Clop, this Kitty packs screenshots.   :}

During my time in SL, I have often stumbled over interesting /eyebrow raising instances.

The other night, while enjoying an event at one of my favorite clubs, I noticed a name I hadn’t seen before.  And being the profile peeper that I am, I decided to take a peek.  I find the best way to get a glimpse of what you can expect from someone is to do such.  Even those that leave their’s blank still say something about who they are.

Now this profile in particular caught my interest right away.  Full of capslock and screaming, it demanded that no drama ever cross this persons path, that if said drama did indeed appear, the worst would happen!

(oh? is the world going to cave in on itself?…perhaps my hangnail will become a fraction of an inch longer and cause me dire pain!)

I continued to tab through the ever growing hostility in the profile, only to be stopped dead in my tracks by the very blatant entry of ” Oh, I love to take naked pictures of myself, teehee “.

(facepalms self)

I felt confused at this point, what was the reason for stating this?  After demanding the world bow down and remove all drama at her command, she then states the one thing guaranteed to bring along drama inducing questions. 

Does she seriously think every person using SL will read that and NOT ask to see the pictures? Or maybe that’s part of her master plan, that gives her a reason to be filled with angst and then claim that this is why she has to be so ” harsh and unappologetic”. 

I decided to try conversation with this person, just a nice hello.  I figured it’s a club, it’s social, people say hi all the time right? 

Guess I was wrong. 

What I got back was ” What, I don’t know you. What the hell do you want? ”

(blinks) .-.

I’m unsure of what I did to cause such rapid hostility, all I said was ” hello (insert name)”.  The curious kitty in me is waiting for this person to show up again.  I want to be there when the bomb drops and someone (and I know it will happen eventually) comes out with : ” hey DramaQueen, show me yer titties “.

Who knows.. when it does happen, I will make sure to update you all on the current status of my hangnail.