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During my time in SL, I have often stumbled over interesting /eyebrow raising instances.

The other night, while enjoying an event at one of my favorite clubs, I noticed a name I hadn’t seen before.  And being the profile peeper that I am, I decided to take a peek.  I find the best way to get a glimpse of what you can expect from someone is to do such.  Even those that leave their’s blank still say something about who they are.

Now this profile in particular caught my interest right away.  Full of capslock and screaming, it demanded that no drama ever cross this persons path, that if said drama did indeed appear, the worst would happen!

(oh? is the world going to cave in on itself?…perhaps my hangnail will become a fraction of an inch longer and cause me dire pain!)

I continued to tab through the ever growing hostility in the profile, only to be stopped dead in my tracks by the very blatant entry of ” Oh, I love to take naked pictures of myself, teehee “.

(facepalms self)

I felt confused at this point, what was the reason for stating this?  After demanding the world bow down and remove all drama at her command, she then states the one thing guaranteed to bring along drama inducing questions. 

Does she seriously think every person using SL will read that and NOT ask to see the pictures? Or maybe that’s part of her master plan, that gives her a reason to be filled with angst and then claim that this is why she has to be so ” harsh and unappologetic”. 

I decided to try conversation with this person, just a nice hello.  I figured it’s a club, it’s social, people say hi all the time right? 

Guess I was wrong. 

What I got back was ” What, I don’t know you. What the hell do you want? ”

(blinks) .-.

I’m unsure of what I did to cause such rapid hostility, all I said was ” hello (insert name)”.  The curious kitty in me is waiting for this person to show up again.  I want to be there when the bomb drops and someone (and I know it will happen eventually) comes out with : ” hey DramaQueen, show me yer titties “.

Who knows.. when it does happen, I will make sure to update you all on the current status of my hangnail.


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