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._. *shakes her head*

Here I thought, as a community of artists that Furries wouldn’t rip each other off.  I guess I was wrong.  I’m sure you all remember my previous post about the charming Jess Ivey.  Well the creator of walking nightmare fursuits is at it again.

While having a rich history in tracing and concept theft and earning herself her own Encyclopedia Dramatica page (which Isn’t as easy to get as you might think) it appears that nothing ever will shame her into making her own art come to life by using her own designs or ideas.

I don’t claim to be the only Serval in the Furry Fandom,  but I find it amusing that a person that once commented on my now deleted Furry4Life profile that she really liked my tail design and had never thought of making one that way (apparently sewing it instead of gluing it was a new concept to her)… all of a sudden has produced one. 

The pattern is similar to mine, though the quality of work is far removed from my own.  I personally don’t hotglue seams together, color on the fur with markers or use construction paper for pawpads.  All of my tails/paws/ears etc are hand sewn. If they are multi-colored than each piece is sewn into the design, not glued ontop of it.  Of course she has learned over the years that her art trolling behaviour is watched so she now changes bits of things to make it “her own”.

I realize there is no proof of her comments made on my F4L page as when I left the site I didn’t bother to take screenshots of it. Who would?  Fool that I am, I believed that my artwork and Fursuit items would be respected. 

My tail concept picture was posted on my F4L, my DA and my FA account in August. 


It didn’t take long for her to pop to life with her own version of it.


Yes I realize my fault in this, I should have date stamped everything as it was created and uploaded.  That mistake won’t be made again.  While the pattern on each is not exact, the comments made and the timing involved are just to tweeky to be ignored.  Once again, yes I should have taken screenshots of what was said on F4L but there is little I can do about that now.

Some of you might be thinking “Just shut up and take it as a compliment, she liked your idea and wanted to try it out!”  For those that feel that way, take a peek at her Quality Fursuits and then tell me if you would want your concept even having a glimmer of a link to such.



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